Automatic emails from now signed and encrypted by request

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From today is providing a new feature that will secure our customers‘ privacy and enhance their online safety. You can request that we sign and encrypt the automatic emails we send to you with one-time passwords and ongoing information about your trading activities. In ths way you can control who is able to access your details, identify phishing emails and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. We therefore recommend that you activate this feature. To do so, click on your Options:






Scroll down to the bottom until you find this option:





Now click to allow us to sign emails to you, or both sign and encrypt them. Signing means that uses a digital signature to prove to your system that the email really is from, rather than from a scammer attempting to introduce malware to your computer using similar-looking emails. If you activate this option, your system will identify if an email really did come from or not. For this to work you will have to download the public key from





When you want to receive emails that are both signed and encrypted, you will need to provide us with your public key. This means that noone who intercepts your emails can read them – they are encrypted even for your email provider. PGP encryption provides for emails what the secrecy of an envelope provides for the postal system. If you already use PGP, it should be simple for you to activate this option.







For those who do not use PGP, there is plenty of material about it online. Thunderbird includes a plug-in called Enigmail, and for your browser you can use mailvelope.


Thanks to Brandon Hurst who helped again with the translation. To tip him see is profile

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  1. You say that you need the private key to encrypt a email. „When you want to receive emails that are both signed and encrypted, you will need to provide us with your private key.“
    But in the screenshot you asking for the public one witch makes more sence 😉

  2. fkin sweet

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