What the German bitcoin industry thinks about the block size debate

11. Juni 2015 // 0 Kommentare

The block size issue has split the community. Do we need bigger blocks? Does bitcoin need to become an everyday global payment mechanism, or does it serve well enough as a form of more expensive, but private and secure money? Should the size of the blocks be increased immediately, or not before every block is full? Should the size be increased from 1 to 20 MB, or is it better to raise it gradually? The German bitcoin scene appears to agree in its views on the matter. [...]

FIDOR Bank and launch Bitcoin Express trading system

23. Februar 2015 // 26 Kommentare

FIDOR Bank and launch Bitcoin Express trading system Europe’s largest Bitcoin market-place is set to become the world’s first trading platform with a direct connection to the classic banking system. As a result, transactions and trading in Bitcoins are not only more secure. Customers of FIDOR Bank AG and its partner can now trade Bitcoins within a matter of seconds and conduct the associated euro transactions too. [...]

What is the SuperNET?

12. Januar 2015 // 6 Kommentare

The idea behind SuperNET is simple. Take a series of coins that offer genuine innovation and unique advantages. Take a set of services for which there are known and significant markets, and to which cryptocurrency brings new advantages. Put them together under one user-friendly roof and allow everyone to enjoy the collective benefits. So says Brandon Hurst, english author for To be fair: Brandon is not objective. He has been involved in SuperNET since the beginning and has a financial interest in the project. In this article he gives some insight in SuperNET. [...]

Accounts certified: receives seal of approval

4. Dezember 2014 // 2 Kommentare

Since the insolvency of MtGox back in February this year, many customers of Bitcoin companies have questioned whether their coins are secure. Customers of can now enjoy the certainty that they are. Europe’s largest Bitcoin marketplace has had its balances verified by an independent audit firm, after the marketplace and the auditors developed a unique method to verify existing stocks of coins. [...]

Bitcoin Monday Nijmegen

14. November 2014 // 0 Kommentare

Around the globe bitcoin enthusiasts gather periodically on Bitcoin Monday. In lieu of our brethren in Amsterdam, Bitcoin Monday Nijmegen is a monthly meetup held in the [...]