Bitcoin in Ireland

19. Februar 2014 // 0 Kommentare

As a currency which only truly exists on the internet, Bitcoin is unaffected by national borders and boundaries, and hence has realised the power to influence every internet-connected region. Ireland is one such region. While Ireland has not drawn the same attention to Bitcoin as the US or Russia, Ireland enjoys around 400 active nodes at a time, and is, at the time of writing, the 40th country in terms of active Bitcoin nodes. Bitcoin may be emerging in Ireland because only a few million people live there, but there have been many occasions where Bitcoin has been used, north and south. The main organisation in Ireland working with Bitcoin is Eircoin, the island’s only major broker. The service accepts orders worth €50 and up, and promises transactions will be processed within an [...]

Bitcoin.de and Fidor Bank AG Agree on Large-Scale Partnership

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+++ Fidor Bank AG provides liability umbrella for bitcoin trading on bitcoin.de +++ First direct banking cooperation in the European bitcoin sector +++ Fidor banking accounts planned for bitcoin.de customers Herford, Germany, July 10, 2013. Munich-based Fidor Bank AG enters large-scale partnership with the bitcoin marketplace „bitcoin.de“. The publicly-traded online bank [WKN: A0MKYF / ISIN: DE000A0MKYF1] will provide a so-called liability umbrella to Bitcoin Deutschland GmbH, the operator of the bitcoin.de marketplace, thereby bringing bitcoin trading in Europe to a new level. As from the start of the cooperation, which will be activated upon the registration with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, Bitcoin Deutschland GmbH will become Fidor Bank AG’s [...]

With the Bitcoin through the debt crisis – Increasing Euro rate for Bitcoins

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Spain and Greece are two countries that play an important and also dramatic role in the current debt crisis. So many people in the troubled nations are trying to get their savings to safety, which is an ongoing subject in more and more media reports. Some investors opt for the Bitcoin as an outmost visionary solution. Since the introduction of the Bitcoin in 2009 more and more users are enthusiastic about the features of this means of payment. It is still regarded as unforgeable, it is organized locally and it is freely available. Investors take refuge in the Bitcoin The Bitcoin is becoming more interesting for investors who fear for their money. More and larger amounts of money will be pumped into ailing economic systems and national economies; therefore people are looking for [...]

The Good Wife – Bitcoins appearance in a U.S. TV series

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In the U.S., the Bitcoin has recently won a huge boost in terms of notoriety. The episode “Bitcoin For Dummies” of the lawyer series “The Good Wife” was about the identity of the ominous inventor of a purely digital currency. The episode was aired on 15 January for the first time in the U.S. and as the title already suggests, this currency is also called Bitcoin in the series. The Bitcoins community has certainly every reason to rejoice, as the abrupt rise of Wikipedia traffic for the English Bitcoin article shows, interest in the digital currency has grown rapidly. The series “The Good Wife” is about the person of Alicia Florrick, whose husband, a lawyer himself, had been imprisoned due to various crimes and whose work she does now. Three seasons with 59 episodes have been [...]