The Good Wife – Bitcoins appearance in a U.S. TV series

In the U.S., the Bitcoin has recently won a huge boost in terms of notoriety. The episode “Bitcoin For Dummies” of the lawyer series “The Good Wife” was about the identity of the ominous inventor of a purely digital currency. The episode was aired on 15 January for the first time in the U.S. and as the title already suggests, this currency is also called Bitcoin in the series. The Bitcoins community has certainly every reason to rejoice, as the abrupt rise of Wikipedia traffic for the English Bitcoin article shows, interest in the digital currency has grown rapidly.

The series “The Good Wife” is about the person of Alicia Florrick, whose husband, a lawyer himself, had been imprisoned due to various crimes and whose work she does now. Three seasons with 59 episodes have been produced so far. In Germany, the series was aired first on ProSieben, afterwards on Kabel eins. While the series is a blockbuster in the U.S., it is in Germany due to low ratings at the moment uncertain whether “Bitcoin For Dummies” will also be featured in a German version. It is desirable, as the series might be contributing in Germany as well to establish the global and decentralized payment instrument Bitcoin. The mysterious search for the arcane developer of the digital currency could also make many viewers very curious. A somewhat mysterious veil is also wrapped around the mastermind of the real Bitcoins. After all, his name is known: Satoshi Nakamoto who is now no longer involved in the development.

A small fly in the ointment, however: In the series the Bitcoins have a rather illegal touch. This in fact does not correspond to reality. Bitcoin as a fully functional payment instrument is absolutely legal and in the course of fiscal formalities it is simply converted into euro or US dollar.

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