News about our marketplace – February

The devil is in the details. That’s why we work continuously to improve them. Since the last update, we have further improved the security of our exchange, made trading simpler and more transparent, and made funding your account easier for mobile users.

There hasn’t been much time for our team to relax over the last two weeks! Just like nearly everyone else, we’ve been affected by the transaction malleability bug you’ll have heard about in the news. For us, this happened at the most inconvenient time – just as the Inside Bitcoin conference was taking place in Berlin. Of course, we still put in a strong presence at Europe’s most important Bitcoin conference, with our CEO Oliver Flaskämper delivering the Keynote Address.

Nothing is more important to us than the security of our customers’ funds. That’s why we stopped Bitcoin withdrawals when we were hit by the malleability bug. We were one of the first exchanges to find a solution and protect our software against the attack, and we resumed withdrawals at the time we had previously announced.

Alongside these developments, our team attended a cyber-security workshop and implemented a series of enhancements to our platform. Some of these were applied after direct collaboration with our customers. In general they were no more than minor fixes – but these details are crucial for the quality of any exchange’s customer experience, so they’re the kind of thing we try to be obsessive about.

Here are the changes in full:


  • We have improved our login security. We can’t tell you many details, but the most visible change will be the captcha you’ll soon see there.
  • We have also made reactivating your account after a series of failed login attempts easier – this has been too complicated in the past.
  • Additionally, we now provide a visual representation of the strength of your passwords, allowing you to judge how secure they are.
  • In the near future will will be implementing a YubiKey store on our site, allowing you to buy YubiKeys for Bitcoins. We recommend you do this, as we believe it is the most secure way to protect your account.


  • You may have noticed that we have already dropped our dollar charts. The reason is not that they weren’t useful, but that up to this point we have been using Mt Gox’s data. This no longer represents the real price. We will soon be displaying the CoinDesk price index (CPI), which is an average of several international exchanges.
  • Very soon we will be providing more detailed trading data, which will appear as follows: [pic] At the top you will see the price as a candlestick. In the middle are three- and 12-hour averages. At the bottom is the volume of coins traded.

  • Additionally, there is a new option when making an offer. It has previously been possible to choose a buyer or seller from a specific country, but selecting just one country to trade with meant unchecking all of the other options. We have now made this possible with just one click.

  • Enabling the country in which your bank is based is now obligatory. The reason for this is that in the past there have been extremely cheap joke offers, which have been made available for only one exotic country. This is no longer possible.


  • Finally, we have implemented the use of QR codes for funding your account. This makes it far easier for mobile users to transfer funds into our exchange.

Thanks to Brandon Hurst for helping with the translation. Adress for tipps: 1CVPs19QtNkKbupLko3JqQ3m3h8aTBvPgm

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