Was ist SuperNET

13. Januar 2015 // 4 Kommentare

Die Idee hinter SuperNET ist einfach: Nimm eine Serie von Coins, die eigene Vorteile und Innovationen bieten. Nimm ein Set von Services, von denen du weisst, dass es für sie [...]

What is the SuperNET?

12. Januar 2015 // 6 Kommentare

The idea behind SuperNET is simple. Take a series of coins that offer genuine innovation and unique advantages. Take a set of services for which there are known and significant markets, and to which cryptocurrency brings new advantages. Put them together under one user-friendly roof and allow everyone to enjoy the collective benefits. So says Brandon Hurst, english author for To be fair: Brandon is not objective. He has been involved in SuperNET since the beginning and has a financial interest in the project. In this article he gives some insight in SuperNET. [...]